We are professional photographers based in Boston, who provide portrait, weddings and commercial events photography. Regardless of the event, you want to make sure that it’s immortalized and well-documented. Photography is a beautiful art not everyone can master. It’s about identifying special moments and knowing exactly when to capture them. This is our passion, our calling. Our energetic team of skilled professionals provide your event with complete coverage and put your comfort first. We keep you laughing while preserving beautiful, artistic moment in our photos. With our diligent planning and years of experience, you can rest assured that your event photography is well taken care of. If you’re in Boston and are looking for professional photographers who understand the art, get in touch with us. We take the time to understand your needs, style and vision—and give you results that exceed your expectations.


  • Winter Bride

It’s Cold Outside: Preparing for Winter Weddings

January 9th, 2018|Comments Off on It’s Cold Outside: Preparing for Winter Weddings

There’s a saying that where there’s winter there is magic. It can’t get any truer than this, especially when there’s a beautiful winter wedding taking place! […]

  • Boston wedding photo

Top 10 Tips for Hiring a Wedding Photographer

December 20th, 2017|Comments Off on Top 10 Tips for Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Are you a bride-to-be who can’t wait to get started on preparations for the big day? Or perhaps you are an overjoyed groom who wants the entire affair to go as smoothly as possible? […]

  • bride-makeup

Preparing for the Wedding Day

November 8th, 2017|Comments Off on Preparing for the Wedding Day

  • Wedding at the Beauport Hotel

Wedding at the Beauport Hotel Gloucester

October 30th, 2017|Comments Off on Wedding at the Beauport Hotel Gloucester

Congratulations to Sarah and TJ for tying the knot in Gloucester at the St Ann Church. The reception at the Gorgeous Beauport Hotel was awesome to walk on the beach and capture the most amazing […]

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As my first anniversary has come and gone, I realized that I have yet to give Adriano the review that he deserves. For me, the most important thing on my wedding day besides marrying my best friend was the photographs. I researched for months and ultimately decided to go with Adriano Batti. I think I made the best decision possible; he was absolutely wonderful to work with. My husband hates having pictures taken, yet Adriano was able to capture perfect moments between us. Adriano is very nice, professional and fast! His use of time management is wonderful. We wound up having to wait for members of the bridal party to arrive from the church to cocktail hour and in return had limited time left for the outdoor photos. Adriano knows what he was doing and took the pressure off of us. He was able to move photographs along quickly yet have everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. His eye for great shots is amazing. The photographs Adriano took from our engagement shoot and wedding are some of my all-time favorite pictures that I have of my husband and me. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t look at at least one photograph from either of these occasions. After the wedding was over, the proofs were up within a couple days. Any order that I made with Adriano was taken care of in a rather timely manner. And communication was incredible; he would e-mail me back promptly on any questions that I had. All in all, Adriano was the second best decision that I made that day, with the first being getting married. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely hire Adriano.
Jenna and Chris
bride and groom
Adriano is a brilliant artist! He and his team truly know how to capture the emotion within a moment through their beautiful pictures. They have an eye for what type of scenery, lighting, and poses made for the best possible photos. Adriano brought a level of energy that kepteveryone interested and laughing throughout the formal photo session. His photo booth was a much welcomed bonus and our guests had a blast posing for silly pictures – some which turned out hilarious! Adriano and his team photographed every last detail of the décor and caught every special moment of the night. Following the wedding, Adriano worked extremely quickly to get the photos up on his website so that we could immediately relive every incredible moment of our special day. Adriano is a perfect balance of professional and playful and his extensive experience was apparent through the unobtrusive way he captured all of these moments with ease. We recommend Adriano Batti for any event! He is truly a hidden gem and played in invaluable role in helping to capture beautiful lifelong memories. Thank you, Adriano!!
Andrea and Geoff
Boston Wedding Snow
I cannot say enough great things about Adriano Batti! His pictures are unbelievable! Adriano photographed my wedding and it looks like a dream. He photographed my best friend’s wedding a few years ago and I just remember from that day that I knew I was going to want him to be the photographer at mine. It was great to watch him work as a bridesmaid because the one thing I remembered was that he just blended in with everyone and did not stick out as an out of place element. He captured every element of my wedding day without me even realizing it until I saw all the pictures! He was so great to work with. Extremely professional and talented. Everyone always had a great smile because he was always making us laugh! He made everyone feel so comfortable during the formal photo session of the evening. We were able to take photos outside even though it was a December wedding and he did an amazing job of moving us quickly and efficiently through different poses and locations around the venue so we could capture the sunlight to the evening as the sun was setting. The outcome is truly spectacular! I have received so many compliments on the photos because of him and I cannot stop looking at the pictures! His packages are very flexible, 100% recommend. Stop your search of photographers with Adriano, I promise you will not be disappointed! That day is forever captured and I cannot thank him enough!
Catherine and Keith